I'm Cynthia, a university student from Sydney, Australia. I'm currently studying a combined degree of Public Relations and International Studies. Don't ask me what that entails because I probably wouldn't be able to give an answer either. Just know that I write and plan things and sometimes it's fun and other times it makes me want to give up on life. The rest you can probably find out from this blog.

Cheers xx


Cynthia said...

So this is how it started, my name is Cynthia and for as long as I could remember, my favorite word is “reverie”.

In the beginning of June, I decided I needed a change in my life that I would be committed and responsible for—a blog. So I think, what is a name I can bind myself to and not want to change literally a month later. All I know is my all time favorite word is reverie and I want it as part of my blog name.

So I google “cyn and reverie”. Seven links down is your C’s Reverie post about Jersey Names you wrote in November 2011.

From there, I guess you can say I felt connected to you because of a couple of words, our name and reverie.

And that’s the story of how I got here and why I feel obligated to say: Hi, I’m Cynthia too.


I share the same opinion with mostly everything you’ve written about blogs here. It’s awesome that you’re trying to have a focus to your blog, but it’s completely okay to blog about stupid angsty shit that most people won’t want to read. Not every blog has to be like an online magazine, and while it will get you readers to have a focus, there are personal blogs like http://thebloggess.com/ who have blogged about random shit and loved by thousands of readers.

Anyways… after talking off your metaphorical ear. The blog is for you, don’t force it to be something else.
Good luck with your blog and I hope keep up with it!

Another Cynthia of the world. :]

PS. You’ve got to give Breaking Bad another shot. Because it’s brilliant. 3 years too late but what about cynnamon? Eh, it sounds better than it writes. I try.

Cynthia said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long and lovely comment Cynthia! (Haha okay, calling someone else Cynthia is just so weird don't you think?). It makes me insanely happy that by sheer coincidence, you've managed to stumble upon my blog and have even taken the time to read some of it.

It's kind of embarassing though that you started off at C's Reverie because even I cringe at all the stuff adolescent Cynthia used to write there haha.

I agree with everything you've said about blogs. Every time I've started a new one, I've tried to give it a focus or a sensible voice but to be honest, that sophistication is just too hard to maintain. Plus it's just not fun having to censor yourself. I think you lose something vital and engaging about what you want to say.

I will try to give Breaking Bad another shot since you've spoken of it so highly (plus I have nothing else to watch since Game of Thrones ended last month).

P.S. Do you have a personal blog as well?

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