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10 Best Memories of China

In which I recount the 10 most memorable experiences of my year abroad and post lots of photos of food

What It's Like to Come Home From Exchange

In which I forget how to "real life" after my year studying abroad in China

Teaching in Ubon Ratchathani Province

In which I talk about the one month I spent teaching little kids in Thailand


In which I post embarrassing photos of pre-adolescent Cynthia

The Curious Case of the Xiang Jiao Ping Guo

In which I talk about the mysterious Chinese "banana-apple"

A Year in Review: What I Learnt in 2015

In which the title is self-explanatory

A Year in Review: What I Learnt in 2014

In which you might as well read this one if you read the one above

Seoul Searching #4

In which I spam you with photos of my 2014 trip to Seoul, South Korea

3 Types of Annoying Conversations

In which teenage Cynthia rants about annoying people

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