Odds & Ends #4

1. "Young In Love" by Thelma Plum

Haunting, evocative, plus she's Australian. Loved it the very first time I heard it, and that rarely happens. She's definitely one to watch in the next year or so. Thanks Jen, for the recommendation.

2. Mockingjay

Left me with chills. I was not expecting it to be that good. I despised the book so I went in with the least expectations out of all three movies so far. Actually, maybe that was why. 

The production, acting and directing surpassed  anything that came before and I actually found myself sitting on the edge of my seat at times. It probably helped that since the book left me so disappointed, I never bothered reading it more than once and as such, had barely any idea what would happen next.

I especially loved the scenes of rebellion in the other districts. They were so well timed and executed. Still not ecstatic about the Hanging Tree song (mine was better, let's be honest) but I have to admit that it added an extra something to the dam rebellion scene. And the few scenes that we got of Josh Hutcherson (especially the ones near the end) were brilliant.

Any cons? Yes, just one: Gale's face. Just...no.

3. Where can I buy Cards Against Humanity?

Besides ordering it online of course. Can someone help me with this? Where in Sydney do you think I could find a deck?

4. That day my eyelid got bitten by a mosquito while I slept

It happened and I woke up looking like this:

The first thing I noticed in the morning was that my left eye wasn't opening. It was so swollen that the tiny muscles had locked up around it. Those who know me, know that I get severe reactions to mosquito bites. The areas around the bite tend to swell up for two or three days and turn and maintain a disgusting red, rash-like colour. 

I knew it was going to be a busy day at my internship because of all the media send-outs that were going out so I forced myself to go anyway. So humiliating. You ever tried walking down a busy Sydney street with one eye swollen and red? Pair that together with the epic, plum-sized, purple, highly visible bruise on my knee and the other swollen bites peppering my arm and it looked like I was an unfortunate victim of domestic violence. Either that or I'd gotten into a drunken bar fight and lost. You should've seen all the side glances I was getting waiting at traffic lights. My body hadn't really suffered a beating but the same couldn't be said of my self-esteem.

5. Django Unchained

I watched it recently; mainly for Jamie Foxx. And it was epic because, well Jamie Foxx (and Quentin Tarantino of course). It was so gory in a hilariously gratuitous way and Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio were both great in their roles. At this point, I really just want to see Leonardo DiCaprio win an Academy Award for the sake of watching his speech. I've always imagined that he would walk up the stage to thundering applause (which would go on for five minutes) and at the end of it, he'd simply say, "better late than never" and walk off. Boom. Swag. 

Anyway, highly recommended film if you're just in the mood to see some racist assholes being blown to bits.

6. YouTube Rewind

Because I want to end on a happy, lighthearted note and YouTube = happiness. 


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