The Appeal of Giant Colourful Balls (Or Lack Thereof)

It's been about two weeks since I started my mid-year uni break and this is what I've accomplished thus far:
  • Working
  • Eating food
  • Sleeping
In conclusion, for me, there is not much difference between life during the semester and life post-semester - except for maybe less of a social life (most people I know are in seclusion because of that phenomenon known as "final exams"). I only ever had 10 contact hours a week for uni during Autumn semester so it's not like wrapping up my studies made much of a difference to my schedule. I'm probably at work three times as long as I'm at uni and in the last four weeks, I've worked 120 hours. It probably seems like I've made a ton of cash but we all know that's going towards keeping myself alive next year in China (a feat which I've yet to figure out how to do).

In saying that, I haven't just spent the last two weeks alternating between home seclusion and honing my grovelling skills at work - something I'm sure will come in handy in my future career as a PR practitioner. I submitted to peer pressure and became one of the 1.43 million people to shuffle across Sydney in zero degree weather in search of mediocre light installations. 

 I even went twice, because why put yourself through the torture once when you can do it twice?? I don't know, I just don't really get the whole Vivid hype. Sure some of the projections are quite pretty but essentially, that's just what they are - projections - beams of light passing through a frame of translucent film. And people (me included) flock like pigeons to gape at these beams of light.

Maybe it'll be more fun as a couple thing. Maybe it's due to my deep-rooted and misanthropic singledom that Sydney's biggest light festival holds no appeal. Perhaps giant colourful balls only work for you if they're the glorious backdrop of your selfie with your bae.

I'm not saying that I went by myself though. The first time was with the uni crew and we got told off for sitting/climbing on things and the second time was with Tian. But she's my cousin. And it rained. And glorious selfies aren't exactly our thing...

Anyway, in an attempt to prevent this from becoming a supremely cynical post, let's end off with a list of things that thing.

Such as food.

More specifically brunch at Reuben Hills (in Surry Hills). This is where I finally figured out what the heck jamon was. 
And nonsensical doodling:

Singing Italian Men Eurovision:

And my cousin's perpetually perturbed baby pug.

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