Day 11 of Running Away: Watson's Bay

So apparently a place called Watson's Bay exists and it's only a 10 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay (or as I heard one tourist pronounce, Circular KU-AY). I spent a whole day there with The Awesome Milo, JK and Akon. Between us four, we managed to drain two whole phone-battery packs and take about 1500 photos or so. Sometimes I think I should just throw my Samsung into the ocean a la Kate Winslet in Titanic with her necklace. But then I realise I would probably jump in after it and possibly seriously maim or kill myself in the process so yeah, nah. 


Rule No. 1 of serious adventuring: never adventure on an empty stomach.

Rule No. 2: Instagram your food. After all, you paid good money for it.

Rule No. 3: Be a tourist in your own country. If you're doing it right, people may even ask you if you're from Thailand or China. I was doing it right.

Rule No. 4: Take extreme close up shots of random objects. The more pretentious it looks, the better it is for your instagram likes.

Sometimes people take photos of their shoes. I'm not quite sure why but apparently it's a thing. I tried it. It didn't really work out.

You cannot get more pretentious than a sign. Take pictures of signs because they symbolise the significant choices we are forced to make in life.

Footsteps in the sand are cliched but that's exactly why you should take photos of them.

Rule No. 5: One does not simply take one photo of a beach. Take 5 or 50, just to be sure. And when you get home slowly go through them one by one and delete the ones you don't like until you're left with that one perfect shot.

The Awesome Milo is a great unintentional model as well as experienced tour guide AND camera holder. I highly recommend following her around on adventures.

Rule No. 6: Take the time to read some passive aggressive signs.

Rule No. 7: Find the funny and inappropriate in everything

Rule No. 8: Pose 'seductively' on inanimate objects... because unlike humans, they won't mind or report you for sexual harassment.

Rule No. 9: Every good adventure ends the same way it started - with food.

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