The Obligatory 'About Me' First Post

It's always a strange experience writing about yourself and to be honest, I've never been particularly good at it. Even now, part of me wants to tack a CYNTHIA // 19 // SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA on here and just leave it at that but I did promise myself I would try to be less lazy this year. (Yes, that extends to putting an effort into the 'About' section of my blog.) So here goes.

Hi I'm Cynthia and I'm a university student from Sydney, Australia. I'm currently studying a combined degree of Public Relations and International Studies. Don't ask me what that actually entails because I probably wouldn't be able to give an answer either. Just know that I write and plan things and sometimes it's fun and other times it makes me want to give up on life.

I've been keeping blogs ever since high school (year 9 to be exact) and at first, they started off as places for me to rant about stupid teenage angsty shit. Not that I was an angsty teenager mind you. In fact, as far as teenagers go, I was actually pretty chill. (Maybe because I was Super Nerd throughout high school and couldn't care less about other people's dramas).

But I digress.

Blogs, yes! We were talking about blogs.

So this here would be my third and hopefully (final) blog. My problem is that I start more things than I actually finish. (I still haven't finished the third season of Breaking Bad and I doubt I ever will. To be fair though, that shit is boring). In terms of blogs, I think the problem is that I keep growing out of them. I start out with a particular vision in mind but as time goes on, the blog takes on its own character and usually I'll end up blogging about more stupid teenage angsty shit that no one wants to read.

Which is where this blog comes in. I hope that this time round, I can stay on track and actually blog about things that are readable. These include posts about books, TV shows or movies that interest me, any adventures around Sydney (or even further!) that I might have, random observations during day-to-day life and just some thoughts here and there.

In other words, I have no idea what this blog's focus is so I should probably stop lying. Coolios. Happy reading? And feel free to link me to your own blog as well.

P.S. If you really are curious, you can access my older blog here.

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