Arrival in Thailand

I wish I had some exciting anecdotes or jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery shots to show off in my very first ATYAP (Australian Thai Youth Ambassador Program) post but seeing as how we practically spent the whole day on the plane, the best you're gonna get out of me is a shot of our hotel for the next four weeks:

Yeah, I mean we spent the whole day flying from Sydney to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Ubon, with a bit of time between flights to muck around at the airports. We got to Ubon at around 6 pm Thailand time where we were immediately driven to the hotel and assigned rooms with a buddy. I'm rooming with good ol' Maria and I think I've got about two whole days before I completely drive her up the wall and make her want to stab me in my sleep.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant before "retiring" for the night. And by retiring, I mean running from room to room to hang out with people and then going out for impromptu 7/11 runs at 10 pm. I'm feeling a bit jetlagged and gross so I'm just gonna stop here. It's been a nice start to the trip though - everyone's awesome and we've got some exciting things planned in the next few weeks.

Peace out peeps, sawasdee ka! :)

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