Photos From Last Week + The Thing With Thailand

I recently deleted ALL the photos off my phone in the hopes that it would stop the horrendous lag that has plagued my Samsung S III since last year. It didn't work. In fact, I feel as if the phone has retaliated by running even slower (I didn't even know that was possible). Anyway, seeing as how I'm running off to Thailand in about two days, there's nothing I can do but put up with it. 

It's not like you need a phone to travel or anything. 

Here are some photos that survived the pre-Thailand purge of my phone:

Caves Beach with Jess' group
Click to enlarge
Camel riding at Anna Bay on the same day. Why camels? Why NOT camels?
Aztecs at the Museum. Trying to edumacate ourselves on history. Jokes. We just wanted photos of statues. 
American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House
PappaRich. Ordered this dish because I wanted that white pancake thingy on the top.  
Hi William. Didn't know you got photographed for the Humans of New York book.
My cousin's spit-roast
*makes incomprehensible squealing noise*
More food. 
Now about Thailand...

So as I mentioned above, I will be leaving Sydney for Thailand on Thursday. I will be gone for a month with about forty other university students (all from different unis), returning sometime in February. We'll be volunteers teaching English at schools in rural Thailand during the weekdays and doing some tourism things on the weekends. On our final week, we're heading to Bangkok for some ambassador activities. Along the way there'll be markets, temples, visits to dignitaries and thai dancing.

I'll be bringing my laptop along and I've heard that the hotel we're in has wi-fi so hopefully I can update my blog while I'm over there. I've also got a Thai number so let me know if you want that. And if my phone stops acting like a PMSing teenager, there will be instagram photos. Many instagram photos. I apologise in advance.

Seeing as how I'm woefully unprepared for the trip (still haven't organised all my documents, packed or bought the relevant items), this will probably be my last post before I leave. I'm seriously the worst procrastinator when it comes to travelling. When I went to Korea, I didn't pack until the two hours before I hit the sack the night before. In fact, I should probably get off blogger right now and do some actual preparation.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the other side!

Sawasdee ka!

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