Zoos, Rivers and Giant Mushrooms in Ubon Ratchathani

In which I photo dump a whole bunch of pics from our second weekend in Thailand to show that we actually did things besides getting mauled by children.
Previous posts about Thailand:

We visited the Wat Phu Prao temple
And rocked our pink, blue and black Amazing Thailand hats (Tourism Authority of Thailand were one of our sponsors).
My instagram had a field day. Follow me (@csreverie) if you haven't already #shamelessselfpromo
We visited Pha Taem National Park 
And tried to work off all that mango sticky rice / sugary Thai milk tea
I pointed at things.
Posed like a boss
And practiced my newfound meditation skills
We saw some giant mushrooms
And visited a solar-powered school
We travelled in style
And tried (but failed) to take cool photos
Visited the moon for a little bit
Let the tourist in me out for a little while
Took photos of kids with too much swag
More travelling in style
Made use of the auto-focus function on my phone
Found some inner-peace

We had a free day on the Sunday so decided to go to the Ubon Jungle Park Zoo. 

What the fuck is this
We poked a snake or two
Caught up with the relos 
Pointed at more things. 
Met Simba (who then tried to take a swipe at me)
Tried again to figure this thing out.
No really, what the fuck is it.

And had the perfect weekend.

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