Snap Back to Reality, Oh There Goes Gravity

But just because university has started doesn't mean the party has to stop. I honestly believe that tertiary education is much more enjoyable if you come to realise that studying is only half the experience. The other half comes from what you do outside the classroom, doesn't it?  

N2 run after our 6-8 pm language class on Wednesday. (See guys? I said I'd put you on my blog). 
Then again, some people would argue that I'm privileged enough to say something like that only because I've got a total of 10 contact hours in an entire week. And most of those hours have been crammed into a jam-packed Monday, so technically I only "go" to university 1 day/week.

To that, I say.... yes you are right. Sorry, I have no excuse.

But hey! Cut me some slack alright? It's not like I'm lazing around at home in my zebra-striped onesie, bingin' on entire seasons of Orange is the New Black. I went out and got myself a second job (soon to be only job as I figure out how to disentangle myself from the complicated web that is tutoring). It's right on campus which makes it kind of, the most convenient thing ever. See the photo above? That's the view from my desk. 

I also joined a whole bunch of clubs in an effort to make myself a more interesting and cool person...and also because they had food discounts. (Let's be honest - it was mainly for the food discounts). These included BUiLD, JASS (Japanese Society - 10% discount off Chatime say whaaaat), UKA (Korean Society), VSA (Vietnamese Society), The Exchange and Study Abroad club, Communications and Thai Society. Most uncharacteristic move ever? I also went and signed up to Hip Hop Society. I have about as much coordination and grace as Nancy after two shots of vodka but hey, that's not going to stop me from taking poppin' and kpop dance classes and fulfilling my life-long dream of becoming a world-famous street dancer. Goals. 

All kidding aside, the classes are actually really fun. Best decision ever.  

Uni isn't uni if you aren't spending all your life savings on food before, between and after classes. But even though my instagram is feeling happier, the best part about getting food after uni is the part where you get to catch up with old and new friends.

I've had two or three informal ATYAP reunions since coming back to Australia and every time, it just feels like a break from life. Last Friday, we went out to eat (and ordered about 15 Thai Milk Teas, haha) and then karaoke'd afterwards. Next week, we're planning to go to the Thailand Grand Festival at Darling Harbour which some of the ATYAPers are actually working on to plan and organise.

Going off on a tangent here but since we're speaking of Thai thangs, look what I made last week?

Okay shush, I know it's technically just water, tea bags, sugar and milk, but you don't understand how rarely I ever "cook" on my own initiative. (If it has more than two ingredients, it is definitely cooking). I think I just got tired of forking out $5 every time I wanted Thai Milk Tea in Australia after being able to pay $1 for it in Thailand. 

Crazy Fact of the Week: In this previous week alone, I managed to earn DOUBLE the amount of spending money I used in Thailand in the entire month I was there. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Granted, I was working my ass off at two jobs, but still. That is insane. I am considering just holidaying in South East Asia every single year. Disregarding the airfare costs, it would literally be cheaper than living in Sydney for the same amount of time. 

Thai Food at Do Dee's in Haymarket. It started off with just us four at a table, but after messaging the ATYAP whatsapp group, they had to relocate us to a table of ten. Whoops.
Do Dee Monster, Level 1 Spice - highly recommended. Pro tip: Don't go for Level 2 unless you can really handle your chilli. 
Bumming around at Charlene's apartment in Central Park. How does she afford it??

Anyhow, that's been my semester so far. How is yours going?

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