If my blog and I were in a relationship, we'd be one of those couples that fight one second and then end up making out shamelessly in the corner by the end of the night. Our official relationship status would be "It's Complicated" and we would go extended periods of time pretending that the other doesn't exist because I'm sorry but I don't have time to waste on you and why do you have to be so high maintenance anyway like gosh can't you see I have a shit ton of communication essays which I have to half-heartedly fudge my way through?? 

But deep down we harbour real affection for the other because we've seen each other at our worst. My blog's been there for me when I go through my quarter life crises every other week and when I reach my highest of highs. So thank you blog, for putting up with my shit throughout all these months. We make a good team.

/end embarrassing heartfelt confession to  a non-sentient webpage

So I realised that I never actually finished my blog posts about Thailand. The last post I did on the series was basically a half-assed photo-dump of scenic locations throughout Ubon Ratchathani but the reality is that that was only half my ATYAP (Australian Thai Youth Ambassadors Program) experience. The other half was Bangkok.

Previous Thailand posts:

So yes, contrary to popular belief I actually did do other things besides teach during my month in Thailand. 

Some of these things included:

Embarrassing myself in public places 

Rocking the Thai pants like nobody's business 

Visiting museums in an effort to become a little more cultured and to become good Australian ambassadors

And failing spectacularly at that.

Taking sensible photos

Cue obligatory Grand Palace tourist snap

And not-so-sensible ones. Sorry I really really couldn't resist. 

Chillin' at the Australian Ambassador's Residence

Attending Gloy's epic Full Moon Party (which she hosted and catered for at her house!)

Sorry I forgot whose photos these are and so can't credit you! But I hope you don't mind that I'm using them...

Watching P'Jelly smash the diplomacy/official business stuff out of the park (as usual)

Exploring the big city at night

And ending up at a rooftop bar overlooking Bangkok. 

Oh and we also got into a couple of Thai newspapers because that's just how we roll. See here, here and here

And if you've got 1 or 2 minutes to spare, one media outlet even did a video report on us. See if you can spot the split second of me doing some extreme karaoke on the party bus (figures that the only term I ever make it on national TV is when I'm shamelessly belting out some Destiny's Child from my seat on a tourist bus). Video link here. Great job Cynthia - you're definitely doing this ambassador thing right. 

Next up: The Floating Markets, Muay Thai, The Ancient Siam and more touristy shenanigans in and around Bangkok

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