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Brain fodder - as in food for your brain. But not necessarily the healthy low-carb, multi-grain stuff. I've tried to be a consumer of wholesome, quality content but the Cynthia brain has trouble digesting large quantities of BBC News and Seriously Deep Films - especially when I've got tons of responsibilities to procrastinate from. Nevertheless, I've tried to include a good mix of content for your own procrastinating pleasure / intellectual "stimulation". Whoops. That sounded a lot more suggestive than it meant to be. Note to self: don't put the word stimulation inside quotation marks unless I'm writing about an entirely different topic. 

BRAIN FODDER: Things That Entertained Me Or Made Me Think Recently

1. This Creative Little Website

Which, quite honestly, has no immediately identifiable function but is also the coolest interactive web project I've ever seen. On the home screen, you pick a "card" from the many options available and it will bring up its own little unique design/interactive experience. No two cards are the same. Example: 

There's no explanation for the randomness of each scenario, hence the name: Form Follows Function.

2. This Exquisitely Shot YouTube Video


Title: Watchtower of Turkey
By: Leonardo Dalessandri

Came across it while scrolling through the comments on a JacksGap video. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on YouTube and I can't believe it's only got 380,000 views. Watch the entire 3 minutes of it and tell me that doesn't inspire you to travel to Turkey. 

3. These Griping and Thought-Provoking Books

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

What It's About: 

Incest (hence the title). It's definitely not an easy topic to write about, considering the automatic revulsion with which even the very word conjures up, but against all odds, Tabitha Suzuma has actually managed to craft one of the most unique and beautifully written novels I've come across this year.

Seventeen year old Lochan and sixteen year old Maya are more like friends than siblings who have had to spend their entire lives holding their dysfunctional family together. These circumstances have brought them closer than the average sister and brother. Yup. I'm not going to say anymore. You read it for yourself and tell me what you think.

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal in Young Adult Literature (but I don't think it's should be categorised as "Young Adult" at all)

Goodreads link

The Storyteller - Antonia Michaelis

What It's About:

Originally published in German, The Storyteller is a lovely interweaving of fairy tale and stark reality. Anna meets Abel, a troubled boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He has a little six-year-old sister who he's been caring for on his own and who he often tells beautiful fairy tales to. Anna overhears one of these stories and starts to become curious about the different side to this withdrawn, rumoured drug dealer at her school.

I went into this book expecting something totally different and was totally surprised (and a little bit horrified) by the direction the story sometimes took. But that's why I would recommend it to people - you won't be expecting any of it. Plus, it's wonderfully written.

Goodreads Link   

4. This Korean Film About a Werewolf Boy

Title: A Werewolf Boy

Official Selection at the Toronto, Vancouver, Hawaii & Busan International Film Festivals

A family move into a house in the Korean countryside and find a wild, unkempt boy hiding in their backyard. He doesn't speak, he eats like a starving dog and has inhuman strength. What in the world could he be??

Okay, predictability aside, this movie was actually shot, acted and produced really beautifully. It's not a cheesy Korean re-make of Twilight - far from it. The plot centers on this family "adopting" a strange, wild boy and their attempts to combat the community's growing interest in him. Each and every scene is shot with a lot of thought in mind even though the story is simple, there is a strong emotional undercurrent underlying all the character's actions. 

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