Odds & Ends #5

You know what I've missed? Lazy days - days such as today when I can wake up with the knowledge that I have absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the morning, afternoon and night. My mind tricks itself into thinking that I've got plenty of time to get everything done and as such I find myself waking up at 11am, finishing 'breakfast' at 1, spending a couple of hours on YouTube, doing odd tasks that I normally would've ignored (e.g. cleaning and blogging) and making mental lists of the things I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

So basically I trick myself into thinking that time is an infinite resource and in reality, never actually get around to completing anything of importance.

But the illusion of freedom is nice all the same.

I've been spending a lot of time either working or hanging out with people so I haven't had many lazy days to myself. But I've got no cause for complaint. Work is rewarding, the team are one of the most supportive and hilarious group of individuals I've ever met and well, the view's not too shabby either (see exhibit A above)... plus we get free pastries and drinks on Fridays.

I honestly hadn't realised how miserable tutoring had made me until I actually quit. Okay, judging from my constant iteration of, "Tutoring is killing my LIFE" to literally everyone I came in contact with, I had a pretty good idea. But it wasn't until I really left the place for good, set aside all those disgusting folders on Persuasive Writing and Areas of Study, that it really hit me that I would never have to deal with unpaid lesson preparations and belligerent parents ever again. The freedom was bloody intoxicating. I felt like Andy Dufresne at the end of The Shawshank Redemption, emerging from a sewer pipe of restrictive work hours and unreasonable expectations, ready to take my place in normal society.

Here's to being able to watch this scene without having to draw parallels to Belonging, Discovery or Journey ever again.
So yes, I am more than glad to say goodbye to that chapter of my life.

Apart from work, I've been making an effort to spend time with the people who are important to me, as well as some cool, new people I've met. Last Thursday night, Punchy, Aastha, Shane, Rochelle and I went to see Les Miserables at the Capitol.

The adorable Punchy getting her 'Vive La Revolution' on
 It was amazing and I would give my left kidney to see it again.

Just kidding - my left kidney's not worth the $130 it cost to get a ticket on the balcony. But I would gladly pay that sum again if it meant being able to experience the intensity and out-of-this-world talent that is Les Mis on stage. Simon Gleeson was fan-fucking-tastic as Jean Valjean, the set design and use of space and effects rivaled even that of Wicked and just every aspect of it blew my mind. And I've seen a lot of musicals. So if there's anyone out there who's unsure whether the cost is worth the entry ticket, I would say to them: Hells Yes. You will not regret it. And if you do, I give you permission to punch me in the face. That's how confident I am.

I also went and caught The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron with some other uni mates. The movie was good but I think I had more fun during the other aspects of the outing. For one, we ate at Pappa Rich afterwards and I freaking love me some nasi lemak.  We had $3 left from our meal and after debating whether we should hand it over as a tip, we made our way over to Central Park hoping to grab something hilariously tacky from Daiso. Daiso was closed so we went into Woollies with 5 minutes to spare and came out with a tub of Bulla Vanilla ice-cream. How's that for good use of 3 bucks?

We ended up camping out in the UTS tower building with our tub of ice cream, to the consternation of the nighttime security guards (this was around 10-11pm on a Saturday night). One of our friends, Yujun, taught us a Korean drinking name game and we played that with our "shots" being ice cream scoops instead of alcohol. We hit up a karaoke joint afterwards so I ended up having to take the NightRide bus home at 2am in the morning but it was worth it.

I might wrap up this post here because as usual, I'm only blogging to procrastinate. Oh, but speaking of procrastination, I recently got my marks back for an essay worth 40%. I remember putting it off and having to complete it last minute at a friend's house so wasn't harbouring any hopes for a good result.

I got a HD for it. Who says procrastination doesn't pay off?

Anyway, a final thing. My friend Kay and I recently made a video covering Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home. Here's the video if y'all wanna check out Kay's amazing voice and my embarrassingly intense concentration face. We'd be very much obliged ;)


  1. WOW! You two sound so good! If this cover were on iTunes, I would definitely buy it. Now I understand why you like karaoke :) Anywho, this post was fun to read (like all your posts are). I really like your sense of humor.

    1. Thanks Bella! As always, it's nice to see you around on my blog!! Hope everything's great on your end :)


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