Music Covers, AFL and Giant Glowing Bunnies (Vivid)

Guess who's finished university for the semester?

That's right. I'm that annoying person acting all celebratory on social media whilst everyone else is slaving away at their exam preparation. I'm that person flooding whatsapp with requests to hang out and kindly being told to f*ck off by her friends. I'm that person camping outside your house in her car; who won't leave until you pay her some attention. Basically I'm that person you want to punch in the face.

To celebrate my freedom, I went to the VIVID light festival on Thursday night. I was planning to do a whole sarcastic post on everything I saw there but my photos turned out rather shitty (my phone is allergic to night scenery) so I'll just post a couple of them here.

You know your life is sad when even a car has more game than you do.

My uni friend (Hi Michaela!) dragged me to the AFL on Saturday because she thought something needed to be done about my ignorance of Aussie sport. I have to admit - I had a lot more fun than I expected to. I met up with her at Sydney Olympic Park and she brought my other friend and I in with her membership cards. We sat in the member's box above the players with her and her family and got an awesome view of the field.... and the fit footballers (who at times were also sitting around us!). After having the rules explained to us, we really got into it. At one point in the match, the players got into a bit of a fight and many a singlet was torn. It was great.

Finally, I made a cover on Monday (yes, I spent the public holiday at home - don't judge). It's 'Feel Good Inc.' by the Gorillaz and originally it was supposed to be a looping vocal cover. There were issues with the audio software though so I couldn't pull it off. Here's the final result:

Thanks to the people who liked it on Facebook, it really does mean a lot to me. 

Also, this made me laugh a bit but the social media guys I work with at my internship saw the video on their Facebook feeds and while I was working on scheduling some twitter posts today, I saw this:

(Click to enlarge and read the last entry)

I won't lie. It was a nice ego boost. 

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