I was fortunate enough not to have a lonely childhood. 

There were always people around me. 

And I mean always. 

Because my friends and cousins literally lived in the same townhouse as me

No. Really. Look how over it 10-year old me already was. 

'Cause these people were strange yo.

Real classy types, y'know.  

I mean just look at that poise.

That confidence.

That self-possession.

But I put up with it anyway.

Even though they sometimes left me out. Unintentionally.

And intentionally. 

We called ourselves 'NASTY C'.

...guess who was the 'C'?

But I didn't mind. 

Because in the end. 

It was all in good fun.

And they are pretty cool people anyway. 

*Shoutout to our parents for dressing us in horrendously bright-coloured clothes so they would have no trouble locating their misplaced, wayward children. 

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