Odds & Ends #2

1. This whole album by Korean Alternative Rock band Nell is love. It's not everyone's type of thing but to me, it's like a concentration of psychedelic goodness wrapped up in an explosive synthpop bundle of joy. The band says they're influenced by Muse and Radiohead and I think you can kind of see hints of that in their music (but I reckon Nell's stuff isn't as dark). The new album is called 'Newton's Apple'. If you like them, I also recommend checking out some of their old songs here and here.   

2. I told her her arms were in my photo so she stuck them up in the air. You can see that in the photo. Also I really need to stop taking photos of my food. I've become one of those people. 

3. I've been asked again by my high school history teacher to give a short spiel to this year's Year 10 students about picking up Modern History / History Extension as an elective. I said yes because I owe this teacher so much for all his support during years 10, 11 and 12. It's funny though because the request came right after I wrote that blog post on education and how institutionalized I found it to be. I hope none of that negativity seeps into what I say to the students. They've got plenty of time to be cynical after they graduate.

4. Vivid and I were never meant to be. Every year, I make plans to go check it out but something always comes up. I'd like to go on Saturday but then again - can you imagine the crowds on a weekend? Maybe next year. For now, I'll be living it vicariously through people's Facebook and Instagram uploads. 

5. Someone tell me what this is and why it looks so familiar:

5. I've been doing tattoo research lately. It came about since a friend was thinking of getting one from Newtown and wanted company. I've thought very briefly about it in the past but I don't think it ever really hit me that I could essentially do whatever I wanted to with my body. And as we get older, I think we start to realise that we really shouldn't have all these preconceived notions about tattoos that we've been taught our whole lives. Essentially, it's just an aspect of yourself made visible on your skin, like a piercing or a beauty mark. Of course, there's a difference between getting something meaningful and something like an Adventure Time character while you're drunk (I've seen this lol). If I did get one though, it probably won't be for another few years because 1) that's a serious decision yo and 2) I need a couple of years to muse over what to get and also see if the decision stands the test of time. For me, it would have to be a small one and also somewhere not immediately visible. 'Cause I value my life and my mum is scary when she's angry.

This moon is nice. (Bet you didn't know this but Cynthia means moon and my mum picked it because I was born near the Moon Festival). But ask me again in a few weeks time and I'd probably have changed my mind.

6. Ignore the first part. Start watching from 5:10. It's amazeballs.

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