A Week In Photos

A Week In Photos

(Subtitled: I Can't Be Fucked Blogging Properly on a Sunday Night)  

It may look like a million dollar advertisement for the new Godzilla movie it's actually the new Engineering and IT building at UTS. Petition to replace the Jenga building with this as the new university icon?

I found the hipster version of the Colosseum in Surry Hills!

My immaturity knows no bounds. 

Mad Spuds Cafe - go here if you're a fan of starch and weirdly placed tomato garnish

Jennifer. Lawrence. Speaking. Vietnamese. 'Nuff said. 

I went to the moon on Saturday night with Collin, Nanc and Jess and we spent half an hour lying there staring up at the stars. It was pitch black and literally one wrong move would've sent us pitching over the edge of the cliff into the ocean below. I loved it.  

Oh and Jess if you're reading this, your blog post meant a lot to me. Year 7 was a lifetime ago and we were only kids so don't dwell on it too much. Plus, I was an annoying little know-it-all. Not gonna deny it. As for the other stuff, I'm really not as perceptive as you give me credit for haha. 

Powerhouse Museum at 9:00am 

Powerhouse Museum at 10am - half an hour before the event started

The line-up was pretty exciting. We had Festival Director of Vivid, Jess Scully; Tom Tilley, host of triple j Hack; Senator Scott Ludlam of the Western Australia Greens (aka the guy who called Tony Abbott out in a viral political video); Dan Ilic, an Australian comedian and TV personality + quite a few others. Oh and free food from Black Star Pastry.   

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