I'm Going to South Korea!

I've probably told everyone by now but if for some reason, you haven't been on the receiving end of my mania excitement, I'll tell you now. I'm going to South Korea in September! 

La mia famiglia will be tagging along but I have the fullest intention to ditch them at the nearest noraebang so I can run off with the first cute Korean I see. Annyeong-haseyo, Cynthia imnida...OPPA SARANGHAE?!!

Just kidding. I'm not going to Korea to flirt (i.e. embarrass myself 'cause my flirting game sucks shit). I'm going for the food, the scenery, the shopping, the convenience stores, Lee Min Ho, the eatyourkimchi-stalking, the nightlife, the cafes, the parks and most importantly, the chance to recreate my very own Boys Over Flowers scene on top of Namsam Tower. That's right. Don't think I'm gonna do it? I'll film it and post it here as proof.

Obviously I am extremely pumped for this trip. The excess energy is making me a bit loopy and it doesn't help that I've been coming across some really cool Korean content lately.


This was trending a couple of days ago and even though it's short (less than 2 minutes), I thought it was cute. I also wonder how many takes it took them to synch the performance with the train's arrival at the station. Poor guy in the middle must've been so bored. 

From my (very very limited) knowledge of Korean, I'm guessing that the girl on the far left is getting told off by her mum, the second guy is addressing an elder - maybe his boss, the girl in the red jacket is having an argument with her boyfriend (hence the banmal and the pissed off 'what is this' at the end) and the forth guy... well he's using a lot of 'juh gi yo' so I'm guessing the person on the other end of the phone is talking over him. Or maybe he's trying to order some friend chicken. Hmm. 

I wish there were translations though. Imagine how amazing this could be if we actually understood what they were saying?

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