Port Macquarie: Part 1

It's been five days since I came back from my Port Macquarie trip with my two uni friends, Michaela and Jessica. We spent about six days up there and I can honestly say it was one of the best trips I've had in a while. We did everything we wanted to do but never felt the need to rush or cram the itinerary. Some nights, we spent in the apartment curled up on the couch watching movies or just having girl chats over champagne and chocolate. And funnily enough, we all wanted to do the same geeky things (i.e. whale watching and horse-riding). They're seriously the easiest people to get along and I think that made all the difference.

I blog as much for myself as I do for the people reading this blog so apologies in advance if some of what I post seems rather mundane. I'm just trying to keep a record for future Cynthia.

Ready? Onwards we go!

Day 1

Mik calls her car Kermy. Kermy took us from good ol' Sydney all the way up to Port Macquarie in just four hours. The trip didn't take as long as we thought it would - mainly because we were playing tons of Delta Goodrem, Hilary Duff and High School Musical along the way. Hey, no judgement. We're three girls who'd just had a whopper of a semester at uni, work and at our internships - cut us some slack please.

Pit stop at a small country town in the middle of nowhere. The schnitzel and chips were surprisingly good. 

We arrived at about three in the afternoon, grabbed the keys from the real estate agent and settled into the apartment. For the price we paid, I reckon it was pretty decent. The only complaints we had were that the garage was way too tiny and the stairwell smelled like my old piano teacher from Malta. 

After that, we did a Coles run and came back with so much junk. (See, this is what happens when you leave the parents at home). We bought chips, chocolate, hummus, ice blocks, chicken duets, juice, bacon and a whole bunch of other stuff. And our attempt at being healthy? Six apples and one bag of frozen veggies. Yep. Half our supplies were demolished within the first two nights but we went back for reinforcements over the next few days (namely more chocolate).

We were hoping to go for a good dinner and drinks on our first night of freedom but since it was a Monday night, everything was closed. Plus at this time of year before the school holidays have even officially started, Port Macquarie is actually very quiet. In the end, we went to the only active restaurant in the area - Hogsbreath. Mik and Jess got their cocktails though so hey, it wasn't too bad.

We then walked back to the apartment and spent the rest of the night watching He's Just Not That Into You.

Day 2

After a lazy start to the day (woke up at 10am and watched the morning news over a breakfast of scones and jam), we meandered down to the docks. We went for a bit of a walk and then booked our whale watching session. 

That's right bitches, we travelled in style. Okay not really but hey, we were the only ones who'd booked for that time so technically, we got the whole boat to ourselves. Now that's what you call VIP treatment. One other thing worth mentioning was that we had a nice chat to the lady on the dock who was waiting for her husband on the last cruise and when she asked us which parts of Sydney we were from, we each replied east, north and west. Jess joked that we should recruit one more member for our gang so we could have the whole set. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather - I mean look at that, seriously.

Next up was the Koala Sanctuary where we got to hear about koalas with chlamydia and spinal deformities. Oh yeah, we were really partying it up at Port Macquarie... In all seriousness though, the vets there do really great work with minimal financial support and I can respect that. It was worth a visit.  

Michaela made pasta bolognese for dinner and we spent another night on the couch - fangirling over Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. For the first time in a while, I was finally able to forget about all my obligations and real life. I loved it.

To be continued... 

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