Adventure Times by the Sea

In all the 18 years it's been running, I've never actually been to Sculpture by the Sea, Australia's largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition. I would've missed this year's one too if  I hadn't looked up the ending date (9 November - get on it, people who still haven't gone!). So joined by the ever adventurous Milo and Shazza, plus Nate (who was peer-pressured into abandoning his studies), we hit the beach to go look at some ART. 

An arrowhead?

Made entirely out of bottlecaps whuut

Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenopenope. Nope.

Recharging our batteries

FREE WILLY (also one of my favourite installations of the day)


"You Tried" by the Sea

"I could have made this" by the Sea

 "WTF is this" by the Sea

Tall, Dark and Handsome by the Sea

Pick up sticks by the Sea

Milo by the Sea

A Deep Thinker / Lonely Hero by the Sea

Professional Photographers and their fancy-schmancy cameras by the Sea (whilst I'm stuck with this old laggy S3 phone)

Slinky by the Sea

Another favourite

Queen Shazza by the Sea

"This looks like my cousin" by the Sea

Hipster Photos by the Sea

"Poop" by the Sea (according to Sharon)


Birds by the Sea

Actual (escaped) birds by the Sea

Weirdos by the Sea

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  1. your captions and writing KILL ME, ALL THE TIME


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