Bits & Bobs: November

I was going to call this post November Favourites but that sounded too fashion-bloggy for my tastes. I've got nothing against fashion blogs. I just don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that this was one, especially since I've got about as much fashion sense as Anne Hathaway/Mia Thermopolis pre-Princess Dairies makeover.

That's right baby, you know you want some of this.

Anyway, as the name vaguely suggests, I wanted to do a post dedicated to the cool things I found this month. And it's an eclectic mix of food, pop culture, music and YouTube gems because I didn't want to write a post for each item and thought that lumping them all into one master post would be the best solution. Plus I like lists. Lists are cool. They give me a sense of control in a world full of chaos (Clueless reference ftw).

Okay, enough waffling. Let's get straight into it:

1. Fun For Louis

Hands down my favourite YouTube vlogger in the history of ever. I normally don't watch vlogs because 1) Ain't nobody got time for that and 2) Ain't nobody got time for that, but Louis' vlogs are just so fun and interesting. He seems to be a permanent world traveller who's camel-surfing (yes, that's a thing) in India one second and then roadtripping across the US the next. Watch this 2 minute supercut of his past year and you'll see what I mean.

He's also pretty close friends with a lot of British/American youtubers so people like Jack and Finn from Jacksgap, Zoe/Zoella, Alfie and Casper are constantly popping up in his vlogs. But I would still watch his videos even if he didn't have these connections because he's such a cool dude. 

Just be warned, his vlogs have a tendency to make you feel greatly dissatisfied with your own life. 

2. Nook Urban Fresh Bar 

Located on Clarence Street in Wynyard. I've been itching to try this place since my foodblogger friend, Tina, blogged about it in May this year and now that I'm at Wynyard two days a week, I can finally do it. They do a lot of sandwiches/wraps/burgers and salads (so mostly catering to a lunch crowd) and everything is unbelievably fresh. If you want to try some of their popular salads, you gotta get there prior to 12:30 because it sells out super quick. 

This photo is disgusting and unflattering and you should totally head over to Tina's amazing blog to get a proper feel of the Nook experience

3. Sean O'Pry's beautiful face

Thanks for this Cecilia. If you hadn't pointed out the unbelievable gorgeousness that is the hunk in Taylor Swift's new video, my life would be missing something crucial right now.

Okay, the video itself isn't too bad either. I like that she took the media's portrayal of herself and instead of trying to disapprove it, her team went and created a hyperbolic, exaggerated vision of it. Apeshit, psychotic Taylor Swift is kind of awesome. Four for Taylor Swift, you go Taylor Swift. 

But let's be honest. As Cecilia pointed out, we're mostly all here for Sean O'Pry.

It was hard work but I screenshotted these all for you CC. You're welcome.

4. Indie/Indie-Pop Compilations by AlexrainbirdMusic

You can find the videos on YouTube but basically, user alexrainbirdMusic puts together monthly compilations of good indie tunes. They're great for playing in the background when you're doing other things. 

5. Another Hideaway 

Is a little hidden cafe in Ultimo near UTS. I haven't actually tasted any of the food there (just the coffee and drinks) but I'm recommending it because it's got such a chill vibe and I would totally go there to study if I was still at uni. Their coffee's great though and everything on the menu seems quite fresh and homemade. Definitely going back to check it out next semester. 

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