Damage Assessment


Days since start of holidays: 25
Days spent working: 13
Outings attended: 10+
Parties attended: 5
Days spent at the beach: 3 
Injuries suffered: 3 (including one massive bruise on my knee, one scraped ankle and an unknown weird scratch on my arm)
Photos instagrammed: 16
Health status: Exhausted and suffering from sleep deprivation
Money spent on material goods: Too much
Money spent on eating out: I don't even want to think about it 
Current wealth status: Guess who's a broke @$$ bitch?

I need to slow down a little lest I 1) keel over from utter exhaustion or 2) do incalculable damage to my bank account. If my wallet was a sentient being, it would be suing me for personal injury/emotional distress. The sad part is that I haven't been able to say no to any upcoming events so if anything, it looks like my next few weeks are actually going to be BUSIER (f that's even possible). 

Self-restraint is not my forte. Can you imagine what I'd be like in the future when I (hopefully) actually have money to spend?  

Anyway, I have been a bit remiss with my blogging so before I enter the next block of self-destructive living, here are some highlights from the last few weeks. Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays as well. 

The Grounds of Alexandria

I basically ordered grass. I mean, the menu said that it was "Moroccan Lamb Salad" and don't get me wrong: the lamb was great and the salad very fresh...but it was essentially fancy grass.  

Dessert made up for it though. I know right. Are you salivating all over your keyboard? Cause I totally am. 

Nancy's Surprise Birthday Party

Was a bitch to clean up after but worth it. I forgot how fun it was to plan house parties with food, music and drinks. I guess, compared to a lot of last year's events, this one was on the small side (28 people instead of 60-80) but it still turned out pretty great. Plus, Jess and Tian did most of the work anyway so I didn't really have anything to worry about. (Sorry guys). 

I should probably start from the beginning but basically, Jessica, Tian and I decided to throw our other friend, Nancy a surprise birthday party on Wednesday night. Not sure if my cousin is insane or just super chill but he lent his house as the venue, even after I told him there would be 30 drunk university students in it. 

We did most of the shopping on Wednesday morning and Jess drove us to Costco and Woolies to grab ingredients for nachos, tacos and the BBQ. We spent the afternoon prepping and people started arriving at 7pm. Nancy got there at 8pm, people went to buy alcohol and then there was a whole lot of music, drunken revelations, the cops were called at one point (achievement unlocked) and it was great. 

If you're reading this Nanc, I hope you enjoyed it and were sufficiently "surprised"!

Thai Festival at Parramatta

Awesome because we got Gelato Messina afterwards. 

Chill Times with CC and Tina

We actually caught up with each other twice within the one week. I know, crazy right? We must've broke the universe or something since there were 6 months in between the last time we had an outing. 

We went to Manly Beach on a Saturday planning to do some kayaking but the weather sucked monkey balls so we ended up having a picnic and D&M on the sand while Tina checked out all the shirtless guys. 

The Wednesday afterwards, Tina and CC came down to ma hood to eat at Chi & Co. They went all food-bloggery on me, whipping out fancy cameras and shit but because of that, we got the best restaurant service ever. I highly recommend going out to eat with a food blogger. You are treated like royalty. 

These tapioca shots were the bomb diggity. Chi & Co.'s definitely pricey but if you can only afford one thing, go for these. 

More Beach Times

Because one can never get enough of the beach in summer. 

Other highlights 

  • Milo's b'day bash at Lantern by Wagaya - this was another surprise thing to celebrate the wonderful human being that is Milo. Great karaoke times were had.
  • The first real ATYAP briefing meeting where we got to meet the Consular General of Thailand, plus were told that during our trip overseas, we're going to be having dinner at the Australian Ambassador's Residency in Bangkok - say whuuuut
Alright, my blogging patience has run out. Peace out and party on peeps. 


  1. Hi Cynthia, sorry for commenting on this post but I found out today that i failed my 8th grade piano exam T-T I was just googling online and happened to come across your (old) blog post. I completely failed my scales and pieces but I had practiced beforehand and they were fine :< Anyway, I was wondering if you ended up passing or not, and if not, whether you redid the exam later. I'm really frustrated and upset right now so the thought of having to re-do really annoys me but part of me wants to finish it all!!

    1. Hi Anonymous! Wow, yes that was a really old post (almost 2 years ago?) but I can answer your question anyway. I actually did end up passing the exam even though my scales were horrendous - HORRENDOUS I tell you. Not sure if the examiner was feeling sorry for me or just extra charitable. Anyway, luckily enough I didn't have to redo it. But if it didn't work out, I probably would have re-taken it, just because I was so close to finishing and it would've been like running 9.5kms of a 10km marathon and walking away at the last 500 metres. It's frustrating but I think just for your own peace of mind, you'd want to complete the 8 grades, especially if you're so close.


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