Raining on my Parade

There is too much stress involved in planning your own birthday party. Especially when it's your 21st. And it's at a beach. And the weather forecast looks something like this:

Hey at least it's not thunderstorming right? Well my friend just sent me this:

How about no.

If I was ever to do some sun worshipping, this would be the time. I would take up yoga if I had to (despite being grossly inflexible) and if it meant the temperature would go up by even a couple of degrees, I would begin offering up human hearts to Huitzilopochtli.

Have you ever tried to have a beach bbq in not-so-great weather? I have - and it's not fun. No one wants to go in the water, y'all try to huddle up like penguins under the shelter (if there is any) and there somehow ends up being about 5 litres of sand in your food.

Speaking of food, I haven't yet figured out what I'll be offering. Meat would probably be a good start, especially since it's - I dunno - a beach bbq. Then I should probably have healthy green things...and carbs (because I'm Asian and food isn't food unless it's got carbs).

But back to the weather. Because everything's fucked if the weather sucks. And the universe is laughing at me because we have had amazing weather this past week with highs of 24 and 25 degrees. It's like they're tempting me with what could be before taking it away and making me watch as they crush all my hopes and dreams under their cruel, cruel, feet. It's totally going to be sunny and warm- LOL JK HAVE SOME THUNDER BOOM CLAP. 

I'd also feel terrible if I had to move the date because that would obviously screw up people's plans. I mean, I personally hate it when I've reserved the date for something but the plans end up falling through. Not to mention that I've taken two days off work next week to organise my shit. But if it rains, I might have to postpone. Sigh.

Cheer up Cynthia. There are more important things to worry about in life.

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