Adventures in Glebe, Paddington and Coogee

You know how sometimes you just don't see someone for months at a time but when you do get the chance to catch up, it's like no time has passed? I'm lucky enough to have friends like that. Despite the fact that we all go to different universities, graduated from different high schools and have had barely any in-person contact with one another in the last few years, it was like we'd never left that grassy recess area at our old primary school.

Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce you guys. Blog, meet Cecilia (photographer and fashionista extraordinaire behind the crazy-popular and Fiona (film and literature connoisseur / soon to be exchange student in England for one year(!!) - It's the ultimate irony that once we've finally gotten a hold of each other again, one of us has decided to run off into the arms of some British dandy. But I am willing to forgive her - on the condition that she brings me back a bit of accented eye-candy as well. I know. It's very magnanimous of me.

We met up at Central on Saturday morning to walk together to Glebe. I was late because fucking Sydney Trains decided to fucking close off every possible train line in the South-West. I had to take a bus. And we all know that buses give me anxiety because my poor directionless brain does not know when to press the button. (Side Note: I don't remember telling you guys this story but the last time I took a bus, I witnessed a punch-up which led to a 1 hour delay as the cops did a thorough witness interrogation. Lookee me, livin' life on da wild side.) But yeah, basically buses and I get along like two drunk white girls.

Anyhow, we got to Glebe and had lunch at a random cafe. Food was great, although for some weird reason, we also decided to order a large bowl of fries on top of our normal meals. We obviously overestimated our eating abilities.

After a quick detour into one of those strange, independent how-are-you-even-still-in-business book stores, we finally hit the Glebe markets where everything was awesome but terribly overpriced. I did buy a pair of cheap sunnies though and the old Italian guy who owned the stall thought he was real smooth. I was in the middle of paying for the glasses when he kind of beckoned me closer with this shifty look and said, "You know what the condition for buying these glasses is?". So I was like, "" and then he goes, "You can't wear them inside the market, because then you'll look too beautiful and all the guys will try to talk to you."


That made me laugh. But then I sobered up after realising that in the uncommon instance I am paid a compliment by someone of the opposite sex, it had to be from a short, hairy stall owner (who, let's be honest, was probably angling for a second purchase).    

The entire market only took about 40  minutes to get through so we decided to head over to Paddington to check out the stalls there. We took the bus and it was only a short trip before we arrived.

Again, there's only so much you can do at the markets (besides spend exorbitant amounts of money on shit you don't need) so we decided to go for a little walk around Paddington. Which is how we came across this hidden gem:

They call it the Paddington Reservoir and it's basically a little hidden oasis of a garden. Actually I probably shouldn't call it hidden since you can see if from the main street but once you're in it, it does feel like you've moved into a different realm of a sort. There were a couple of architecture students sitting around sketching and the whole place reminded me of an ancient Italian city. It looked like Pompeii...but with living things and not as many asphyxiated, dead people.

Shortly after, we all had to part ways. CC headed home, Fiona went off to meet another friend at the city and I had to somehow make my way to South Coogee where a friend was going to cook me dinner. We said our goodbyes and it was strange knowing that this was probably the last time I'd see Fiona in twelve months. Can you imagine? In one and half years time, I will be in the exact same situation as her and I wonder if people will miss me either...

So I left the city and took the bus to South Coogee (miraculously without any incident I might add) where it was just a short five minute walk to my friend's house. (By the way, her name is Veronica and she is an AMAZING cook. Don't tell anyone but I plan to kidnap her and bring her to China with me in 2016.) She made us paella and tiramisu and I helped by reading the instructions off her laptop. Hey, if you don't want the kitchen to burn down around your ears, that's probably the only task you should assign me.

Food was good, company was great and all in all, it was the perfect ending to a pretty chill day of catching up with people important to me.

Thanks for reading! Peace xx

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