Lately I've been thinking of undertaking an overseas volunteering trip over the summer holidays. I know a couple of people who've already done so and all of them say the same thing: it's a life changing experience. (And nobody's life needs a good ol' shaking up more than mine.) Obviously, I'd need to go through application processes to see if anyone will even take me and after that, figure out who's going to take my tutoring classes for FOUR FREAKIN' WEEKS but after thinking it over, I realised that there would be no better time to do something like this.

I've only got one year left before I go to China. In the mid-year break next year, I'm going to be doing my last peer-networking gig and then the period from November onwards will be spent preparing for my exile overseas. Logically, the upcoming summer holidays is my only time to volunteer.

To be honest, I don't know what else I'd be doing if I just stayed in Sydney. I guess I could find another internship but I feel like I should get a break before I spend another 6 months locked in an office working for free. I'm not in a relationship so again there's no commitment there and my friends could probably live without my existence for a month. Wow. Why does it sound like I lead such a lonesome existence?

The only thing is that the particular volunteering trip I'm looking at coincides with Jess' beach house event. Specifically, it'll go from mid Jan to mid Feb so that's a bit of a bummer, especially since the beach house was going to be the highlight of my break. I've also never been away from friends and family for that long but then again, you could probably say this was my trial period for China.

I'm probably just getting ahead of myself though. For all I know, they won't even accept my application and I could be spending the summer bumming around in Sydney.

Let's have a bit of a photo interlude before I go on to the second half of my post. Here are some pics of more fastBREAK food. God I'm going to miss Vibewire.

"Edible Terrariums": chocolate mouse with pistachio sprinkles and flower garnish. Yes you could eat the flowers. Yes they tasted exactly like... flowers.

- End Photo Interlude -

The other thing I wanted to talk about was Facebook. Kind of random but recently I've noticed that my Facebook only shows content from a specific circle of acquaintances (specifically updates from uni mates). I no longer see anything from my high school friends and I don't know whether that's a) because they just aren't posting anything or b) the Facebook metrics have decided that I no longer interact enough with these people. Whatever the case, it does make me feel a bit sad because I don't think I'm ready to just cut off all my ties with people from the past. I don't want to cut off any ties actually. But with Facebook being the monopolizing social media monster that it is, I doubt I'd even get a choice. 

Finally, in order to hype myself up for Korea, I've been getting back into good ol' kdramas. I forgot how fucking addictive these shows are and half-regret starting High School King of Savvy when I'm supposed to be doing extra work in preparation for the trip. I say "half-regret" though because it's very hard to feel remorseful when you're too busy watching beautiful Koreans do beautiful Korean things. 


Like please. 


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