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Just remembered I'd uploaded a couple of photos from the last week (or two) onto my blog but never got around to actually publishing them because I'm a busy gal. Okay not really...I just had too many movies and YouTube videos to watch. Anyway, here they are:

A friend (Othilia) and I spent an evening at the Opera House listening to fancy schmancy symphony music. As expected, there were a lot of old people there. Old, posh people. We were sitting next to two women who, intermittently, would interject with snide comments about the orchestra, singer etc.

There was a lot of, "She's good but hardly matches up to the one from last concert" and "I do believe he was a bit heavy-handed during that second movement."

Okay ladies. Settle down and enjoy the music, geez.

I also went with a group of my TBL friends to the Powerhouse Museum for their "Late Night At the Museum" event. They run it in conjunction with Sydney Design to celebrate innovations in technology and design but it's basically a chance for adults to act like kids and partake in fun, crafty things.

3D printing was a big part of the exhibition and you could get your head turned into a plastic model for free....but only if you were willing to line up in a giganormous queue and wait at least an hour for the machine to print it out.

In all seriousness though, 3D printing is so cool.

Meg graffitied on the wall and tried to spread the TBL love.

Strictly Ballroom stuff was still on display at the PH.

Along with some other interesting student creations. Yes I know that looks like a painful skin condition but it's not. It's fashion.

There was also free cake from Black Star Pastry. Here's a photo of one before it was carved up and shared around.

What's an exhibition without a bit of strange performance art? They called this the human piano. Basically there was a keyboard you could play where the keys were attached to electrical wires which went up these people's arms. If you pressed one, the current would travel down the wire and into their bodies, causing their arms to shake involuntary and the bells to ring. Anything for the sake of art right?

Yeah nah, I would so wear this.

There wasn't terribly much to see at the exhibition so we had time to go for a late night snack at a little Malaysian restaurant on Harris Street called the Sydney Kopitiam Cafe. I shared the Nasi Lemak and also ordered coconut juice. The food was pretty cheap but so good - coconut rice was fluffy and not overly flavoured, there were anchovies, soft boiled egg, potatoes, tender chicken, cucumbers and the trademark chili paste. So good. If anyone ever wants to go for Malaysian during lunch times (or any time to be honest), let me know and we'll take a walk down Harris Street.

Anyway, last Tuesday, I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy with Jess and Tian which I kind of blogged about here. Also made an excursion out of going to Granville for dinner at Hawa's with a whole bunch of uni/TBL friends. What can I say? Those Easties and North Shore-ers ain't all that familiar with our hood in the west. Well, okay to be fair, I've never eaten at Hawa's either so I shouldn't be talking.

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