Five Things To Do If You Want To Procrastinate

1. Watch this uplifting cover of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys starring Lorde, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith and ten million other artists. Oh and Kylie (because British people lol).

2. Register for an overseas volunteering trip. It'll probably take less than an hour but (I've heard) that the experience will change you for life. You could be in Costa Rica, Thailand or Vanuatu by early next year, helping communities and making a difference (as opposed to sitting on your butt in your house or throwing away money on expensive Sydney food). I've registered for the Australian Thai Youth Ambassador Program and to be honest, am not expecting to get it because they only choose about 20 applicants from a pool of 100+ (plus I got an internship now!). But at least I applied and will keep doing so in the future. 

3. Learn a language by yourself. You can do this either by downloading apps (I recommend Duolingo) or online (there are lots of sites that have structured lessons for free). Pick something that you're really interested in and commit to it. Obviously, you don't need to spend every day doing it but maybe just once or twice a week. Learning at least a few phrases from a language is better than knowing nothing at all. There is no such thing as "wasted time" when it comes to learning.  

4. Watch documentaries on Amish people! No seriously, this is such a fascinating subject. You've probably picked up quite a few things on Amish people though pop culture or off-hand references but nothing beats a solid, intimate BBC documentary. It's surprising that they even got permission to film this insular society and it sure makes for a fascinating watch.

Okay, stop judging me already. I do have a life but I sometimes a gal just wants to watch documentaries on YouTube, y'know?

5. Go for a walk outside (unless you live in my neighbourhood and can't afford to go out in case you get kidnapped by thugs). But if you live in one of the less-dodgier parts of Sydney then you have no excuse not to get out there and breathe in some fresh air. Maybe bring your work to the park or something, just for a change of scenery. I did that last week and got a couple of judgemental looks but whatever - it's better than being cooped up in your room.

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