Snapshots: as in the CliffNotes / condensed version of everything that's going on in the World of Cynthia. Because as much as I would love to sit down and write a proper post about all the crazy shit that's been going on, I actually do have a million and one other things I'm supposed to be doing (hence the procrastiblogging, I suppose).

After coming back from South Korea, I literally did not get a break before jumping right back into life. It was hard at first because my mind and soul were still somewhere gallivanting across, well...Seoul. But catching up with people did help anchor me a bit so for that I'm thankful. I love travelling (who doesn't?) but the aftermath is always the worst. I feel like with every trip I take overseas, the harder it is to get back into routine and take on all the responsibilities and stress that comes with it. Wanderlust really is not a temporary emotional state - it's a deeply seductive and and pervasive form of mentality.

Oh wow, that came out deeper than I thought it would. High five, Cynthia, for being intellectually sophisticated!!

The following events aren't in chronological order. As I said, I've been so busy that each day has kind of melded into one, so please excuse the unevenness of this post.

BUiLD Student Society Carnivale Party

Last night, my university's leadership and communications societies threw a joint party with the theme of Carnivale. I actually had a Ringmaster costume prepared beforehand but chickened out at the last minute because of its unintended slutty effect. The people who did dress up looked amazing though and there were many clown, joker and magician costumes.

Party itself was alright for a university thing. You could tell the society had made an effort as they had popcorn and fairy floss machines, a photobooth and live music. The real fun though came from just catching up with people. I'm so grateful and surprised by how much my world has opened up this year, especially to the point where I'm bound to bump into at least fifteen people I know at any university social event. People from the Peer Network, BUiLD society, The Big Lift, U@Uni and a whole bunch of other clubs all seem to run in the same circles. Getting more involved in these things was one of the best decisions I made throughout the last two years and it certainly helps prevent all of that inevitable isolation that comes with uni-life.

Afterwards, a group of us left UTS and headed over to Chinatown for karaoke. We stayed there for an hour and then wanted to go clubbing but Scary Canary was closed and girls were keeling over in there heels. I'm thinking we should plan this out and do it properly in the holidays because my girls are cool and we've got some serious partying to do.

Australian Thai Youth Ambassador Program

So this happened. Which means I'll be volunteering overseas in Thailand for one month next year! I also received the email yesterday saying I was eligible for the $750 grant which means that for the whole month, I only need to pay $250 to cover the cost of the trip (not including personal expenses though). I am beyond excited, especially since I found out that four other people I know have also been accepted. Of course, there's a whole bunch of stuff I need to figure out, mainly concerning work and internships but I'll do what I have to to get myself there.

This was my mum's reaction when I told her about it:
Me: Hey Mum, I'm going to volunteer overseas for one month.
Her: Where are you going?
Me: Thailand.
Her: *continues washing dishes* You're going to die over there. 
I would be quite affronted if it wasn't for the fact that she's got a point. I've basically got zero street smarts. Even though I was fine gallivanting all across Seoul with just my sister, Seoul does not equal Bangkok. I have been to Thailand but that was what? Seven years ago? Helloooo learning experience.
The New Internship

Yes! I went for an interview about a week after Korea and got a new internship at a little PR agency around Wynyard/Darling Harbour. I started this week and as much as I would love to tell you all about it, I make it a policy to avoid talking about work on this blog as much as possible (not for any personal/controversial reason but just because it's always good practice to have that work/life separation online).

The photo above is of the view from the office balcony. Isn't it amazing? It's right next to Darling Harbour. So far, the people are super nice and welcoming and the work environment seems very comfortable and easygoing. I'm actually very excited to get into it.


I bought my family tickets to see Wicked at the Capitol Theatre and my dad fell asleep halfway through it. How does that even happen? It should be impossible. You've got elaborate light and sound effects creating a sensory feast for your eyes and ears, not to mention dramatic, soaring musical numbers throughout the whole thing. There is not a single dull moment in Wicked. I should know because I've seen it three times and I'm still surprised by the level of detail and calibre of acting/singing every time. OMG DAD WHY.

And you know what? At the end of it, he said to me: "They should have subititles."

Well okay genius. Tell me where you're gonna put those damn subtitles then. Mum was being typical confused Mum and at the end, she said to me - but how come they didn't show Dorothy? So then I had to explain to her that the musical isn't supposed to be a re-enactment of Wizard of Oz, but the back-story of the witches in it. And then she was all, ohhhhhh I see.

It's safe to conclude that Mission "Culture-Thy-Parents" was a solid and epic failure. That's the first and final time I'm ever buying my parents musical tickets.

The Big Lift Events

The Big Lift (TBL) had its annual AGM and thank-you event last week where we got to catch up with one another and  reminisce about crazy bus shenanigans. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed these people until I saw them again and we hung out in the library as that loud, distracting group. It's always fun hanging out with them, especially since we're such a diverse group in terms of life experiences and aspirations. There's always something new to talk about and laugh at, as opposed your old, "Oh, how'd you go with the Regulating Communications report" type of conversations.


Because there's no better way to end a post and let's be honest, a lot of my excitement in life comes from food. Shhhh don't judge. You know you agree with me.

Max Brenner's with the lil sis (see if you can spot her)

Frango's with Jess and Nancy

Yum Cha for breakfast with Jess and Nancy again - mmhmm, we're very healthy people

Choose your own dessert - TBL

Sushi of Masuya - pre-Wicked feast

All Up In My Jam at N2

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