Seoul Searching #1: Annyeonghaseyo South Korea!

Apart from being the most ridiculously clever pun you've ever heard, the title of this post actually makes a lot of sense because for the first six days of my adventures in South Korea, I was literally searching for Seoul. But since I was travelling with my sister and parents, and Mum had wanted to see the country bumpkin side of Korea, we spent the first five days on a tour of Busan, Gyeongju, Jeonju and various other -ju's.

So if you came here expecting to see some sexy Seoul ladies, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait another one or two posts. Sorry peeps, I'll try to make up for it with pictures of food. Lots of food. And cats if I can find any.  

Day 1: Sydney to Incheon  

Funny story but my sister bumped into a friend at Sydney airport who freaked out when she heard we were going on this specific flight. Apparently, the K-pop band "B1A4" was boarding a flight back to Seoul and Serena's friend was there to see them off. It blows my mind that you would rock up to the airport at such an ungodly hour to catch even the smallest glimpse of your idol but hey, whatever rocks your socks.

The flight was 10 hours and the tour guide, Kelly, took the group out for dinner in Incheon right afterwards before heading for the hotel.

First impression of South Korea? Advertising everywhere. You literally cannot turn a corner without smacking your face up against a poster of Kim Soo Hyun. Or a giant inflatable yellow balloon thing.

It's like a 5-step automated butt massage right there in your bathroom. 

Day 2: Incheon to Busan 

Goooooood morning Korea!

The itinerary for the tour was that we would head all the way down to Busan (located on the southern end of the country) before gradually making our way back up and stopping at various cities. This basically meant that we would be spending a lot of time in the bus. As luck would have it though, South Korea's countryside is gorgeous. Their region is a lot more mountainous than Australia's with towns of various sizes nestled within its winding valleys and rivers.

I probably don't even need to tell you this but Korean internet is fucking amazing. At no point in my trip, not even on the highest mountain in the middle of nowhere, did I not have connection or reception. And it was fast. You know how sometimes on Instagram, you have to wait for that swirly circle thing to completely load before the picture comes up? Yeah, that rarely happened in Korea. It was definitely something else.

Rest stop time

Phallic looking fishball thing with canned coffee

The one fugly picture I have of Busan. You should probably Google image a better one if you're curious.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - not the best weather to experience it in but it still looked pretty grand. 

You think this is an awkward pose? You ain't seen nothing yet. 

"Buddha of granting a son" - I'm assuming you rub the belly to get pregnant

It was like a Cornetto - but Korean-er

Haeundae. No, not Hyundai. Haeundae.


Korean person: "Agasshi, jeohi sajin jom jjikeo jusigesseoyo?"

Non-Korean Me: "...Eh?"

So that was basically my first full day of South Korea. Quite laid back and chill but I liked that I got the chance to see the countryside and just soak it all in. I'd spent the last week rushing to finish last minute assessments at uni, wrapping up a 6-month internship, cramming in time for friends that I really hadn't had a moment to just breathe. So I'm glad that I got the chance to just run away for a little bit.

Next Post: Bulguksa Temple, Danyang Aqua World, Korean convenience stores FTW, Daegu + the best resort ever.  

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