Sydney Night Noodle Markets

Yes we went. Yes the noodles were good. Yes the lines were freakin' massive. No I did not get a Ramen Burger (ugh the wasted opportunity).

There really isn't much to say about the Sydney Night Noodle Markets. It's a market...for noodles (and other Asian cuisines) Sydney. I guess you go for the novelty since Sydney doesn't really have a strong market/hawker culture. But I think if they really wanted to drive up the authenticity factor, they would have to find a way to reduce all the prices by half because GOSH DARNIT ain't no markets in Asia gonna charge you $20 for three little buns.

You're not supposed to get it. It's ART.

Not sure if they were trying to take the noodle motif literally or they just happened to have a dome shaped like that. 

Teppanyaki Yakisoba (Oz Special) - $14. So good but definitely could've gotten a bigger portion for that price. We split it between three people so it didn't really matter. 

Coconut juice and mini pancakes - we went for them since the in in front of the stall was doable.

Swirly potato chip - two for $10

Dumplings & things from New Shanghai

Afterwards, we got out of Hyde Park and ventured over to Green Peppercorn to get dessert (fuck you, lines). I've never been to the one at the city but according to my cousin, who works at the Fairfield Branch, it's pretty much the same. The location kicks butt - but then again I have a thing for restaurants located in high-rises. I like being able to look out the windows and see the city passing by down below. For a little while I can pretend that I'm somewhere other than Sydney and that gives me a little bit of temporary escapism.

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